These walls encircle your whole world.
Some of them, you inherited.
Others, you built yourself.
But what if you tore them down?
If you demolished the walls,
Broke the foundations,
And stepped out
And saw what lies beyond your


$ /turds/512kb

This official DOSPOOP website has recently joined the 512kb Club, with our homepage clocking in at a whopping 60KB. This should hopefully prove to all you goobers out there that we have absolutely nothing worth saying or listening to. After all, the bare minimum required by the true arbiters of truth, Daily Mail, is 16.3MB. If we had anything of substance at all to share, surely we couldn't pull it off on such a paltry data budget.

If you have a website of your own, consider joining the 512kb Club yourself to prove to the world how worthless your site is compared to the likes of BuzzBookFeedr.