These walls encircle your whole world.
Some of them, you inherited.
Others, you built yourself.
But what if you tore them down?
If you demolished the walls,
Broke the foundations,
And stepped out
And saw what lies beyond your


$ /turds/solarpunk

The Discordian Order of the Shattered Palisade and Other Omnifarious Pretentiousness fully embraces the solarpunk movement, as it is one of the few philosophies which truly understands that a healthy relationship between humanity, technology, and nature must be one of chaos. The imposition of "order" on an inherently chaotic ecosystem can so often be destructive. To view ourselves as partners with nature, rather than its masters, demands that we embrace the spirit of Eris.

Furthermore, solarpunk remains one of the few voices stupid enough to claim that things can, in fact, get better, and that a disastrous end to humanity is not inevitable. We wholeheartedly support this moronic hope, so long as those who hold it do not foolishly assume their hopes will actually come to pass. Nothing is inevitable in holy chaos, except that shit happens.

Hail Eris and reject dystopia.