These walls encircle your whole world.
Some of them, you inherited.
Others, you built yourself.
But what if you tore them down?
If you demolished the walls,
Broke the foundations,
And stepped out
And saw what lies beyond your


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Welcome to the official homepage of the Discordian Order of the Shattered Palisade and Other Omnifarious Pretentiousness (DOSPOOP). We are a sect of Discordianism headed by our cowardly leader and sole official member (the Order does not keep membership records), the Skylark. The Skylark's identity is a secret, and her name is Skylar Hill. DOSPOOP is not good at keeping secrets.

The Skylark is on a holy quest to figure out what the hell is going on with anything. On this site, she documents her progress along on this quest, as she seeks to eliminate dogmatism and unhumility from her worldview, and hopefully learn a few things before she finally kicks it.